BrackenSack: a Dashkin™ game

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Steam launch: late 2018

Long Ago

For generations before they mysteriously disappeared, the Dashkin™ folk of Brackenwood enjoyed contests of skill and agility. BrackenSack was a game in which speed and accuracy dominated.

The rugged, heavily-stitched leather ball was traditionally crafted with a head and limbs to make its bounces slightly unpredictable. It resembled the “fatsack”, a common grasslands creature; hence the name of the game, BrackenSack.

A Team Game

Dashkin are capable of super speed so BrackenSack is a game of reflexes, skill and punishing collisions. Co-ordinate with your team mates using your speed and attacks to get the ball into the goal, while fighting off the opposing team to prevent them doing the same!

Will you play a ground-based game with sliding, dashing and smashing? Or will you play a more evasive, aerial game with dazzling finesse and graceful somersault kicks?

Award Winning Animation

The world of Brackenwood comes alive in Unreal Engine 4 but maintains Adam Phillips’ award-winning art style with hand-drawn 2D characters, creatures and effects animated frame-by-frame.

Toon Boom Harmony is used not only for the animation, but also to generate the sprite normals allowing the characters to be dynamically lit!

100% Independent

Without outside support, online multiplayer is a rarity in the world of independent game development. But in under 12 months BrackenSack’s dedicated team of two has developed a thrilling, 2D-3D action multiplayer game running on reliable online systems including p2p multiplayer and even dedicated servers.

The game contains no intrusive DRM and is fully playable offline against multiplayer bots, or with friends via direct IP join.

An Immersive World

The story of Brackenwood has been evolving since the late 1990s, told mostly through animation on Newgrounds and It is filled with enchanting creatures, natural wonder and magical beings.

The Dashkin games take you to far regions of Brackenwood, revealing every type of terrain, climate and season that the world has to offer.

A New Original Soundtrack

Brackenwood’s musical flavour has always been a crucial component of the animated series. Each episode was scored with unforgettable tunes.

The BrackenSack OST is by Lee Darkin-Miller, composer of the haunting score of The Last of the Dashkin.

An Unreal Engine

No longer is Brackenwood confined to your browser as linear episodes. BrackenSack smashes free with the powerful Unreal Engine 4, utilising Toon Boom Harmony’s shading nodes to generate normal maps for dynamic lighting on 2D sprites.

The Team

Adam Phillips
Kirk Sexton

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