Dashkin is Releasing Q4 2017

High Speed Challenges

Bitey is the fastest creature in the world so Dashkin is a game of high speed challenges! Race through regions of Brackenwood from vast, open grasslands to deep forests and dark caverns.

Dodge, jump, slide and of course DASH to overcome obstacles as you pursue, flee or just admire the wildlife and stunning scenery at a leisurely trot.

Bone Crunching Collisions

The fastest crash hardest, as they say. Actually I just made that up but it’s mostly true I think.

To complete challenges in record time, you’ll need to avoid collisions. To avoid collisions, you’ll need to know the environment and hone your reflexes. Dash is fun, but dangerous. Use it wisely!

Saving the World

Since the people of Brackenwood mysteriously disappeared the Yuyu are moving in, crossing over from their own realm and choking the life and beauty from the world.

Evade, outrun and destroy the Yuyu and their outposts, sending them back to their realm.

An Award Winning Artist

New art, new animation, new creatures, regions and concepts! Most of it is being streamed live on Twitch every weekend, so drop in and watch the game taking shape.

Immersive Storytelling

The story of Brackenwood has been evolving since the late 1990s, told mostly through animation on Newgrounds.com. Through gameplay you can immerse yourself in the world of Brackenwood. Unravel her history and discover clues to how the last of the Dashkin came to be!

A New Original Soundtrack

Music with the Brackenwood flavour has always been a crucial aspect of the animation. Each episode comes to life with memorable tunes. With Dashkin comes a new original soundtrack from a well known composer! We’re still discussing specifics so details are coming soon.

A Modern Engine

No longer is Brackenwood confined to your browser; Dashkin smashes free with the powerful Unreal Engine 4.

The Team

Adam Phillips
Kirk Sexton

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