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A Solo Challenge

Capable of super agility and god-like speed you are “Bitey”, the last of the Dashkin. Guided by a mysterious flying girl, you will hone your reflexes and master your extraordinary speed through many physical challenges including obstacle courses, collection trials and a wild, brawling ball game called BrackenSack.

The flying girl has designed and laid out each challenge with the aim of developing your skills. She will track your progress and award you rankings, the highest of which is Dashkin Elite.

Bitey is the last of his kind, but for your BrackenSack games, the flying girl will conjure apparition opponents and team mates.

As you progress through the challenges she will even reward you with additional powers to supplement your natural abilities. The skills you develop along the way will prepare you for a coming battle to save the world of Brackenwood.

A Multiplayer Game

Take your skills online and meet other Dashkin players on the BrackenSack field. Use the matchmaking systems to queue for team games with or against friends and strangers. You can even set up your own BrackenSack matches for other Dashkin to join.

Dashkin are capable of super speed so BrackenSack is a game of reflexes, skill and punishing collisions. Co-ordinate with your team mates using your speed and attacks to get the ball into the goal. Fight off the opposing team to prevent them doing the same!

Will you play a ground-based game with sliding, dashing and smashing? Or will you play a more evasive, aerial game with dazzling finesse and graceful somersault kicks?

Award Winning Animation

The story of Brackenwood has been evolving since the late 1990s, told through Flash animation published on Newgrounds and Now the world of Brackenwood comes alive in Unreal Engine 4 but maintains its award-winning art style with hand-drawn 2D characters, creatures and effects.

100% Independent

Dashkin’s dedicated two-man team has developed a thrilling, 2D-3D action game boasting singleplayer and multiplayer experiences. Reliable online systems include p2p multiplayer and dedicated servers.

Dashkin is also fully playable offline with hours of singleplayer and multiplayer challenges against AI opponents.

Wiki and Docs

Our Dashkin Wiki contains all the secret knowledge you could ever ask of Dashkin, from characters, creatures and Brackenwood lore, to technical documentation including setting up your own server and controlling the behaviour of the Shadowkin opponents.

A New Original Soundtrack

Brackenwood’s musical flavour has always been a crucial component of the animated series. Each episode was scored with unforgettable tunes.

The BrackenSack OST is by Lee Darkin-Miller, composer of the haunting score of The Last of the Dashkin.

The Devs

Based in Australia, Adam Phillips is a veteran of 2D animation and the creator of the Brackenwood series. For him, Dashkin is a major milestone in realising the Brackenwood universe.

From WA in the USA, Kirk Sexton is a senior engineer with a decade of experience in the AAA games industry.

Adam Phillips
Kirk Sexton

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